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Thanks to all for good reports on Dhenikaina Ready

Dhenikaina Ready Full Movie:

Dhenikaina Ready got good reviews,very good applause from common audience,friends,well wishers and good reports from Distributors all over.
After Collector garu(1997), Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures got moderate successful films like Raayalaseema Raamanna Chowdhary(2000),Suryam(2004),Jhummandi Naadham(2010).
According to sources Dhenikaina Ready film will be a good super hit film in this banner in recent times.

Vishnu Manchu tried to prove his abilities as an actor with his initial films.He got moderate success with Suryam film.
Later he got big break in his career with Dhee film.We too got good break & established as good commercial writers with that film in the industry.
After 5 years of great struggle,Vishnu got deserved super success again with Dhenikaina Ready.
Vishnu has good comedy timing as an actor and we all suggesting him to do more identifiable roles in future.
We wish him more successful films in future.

For Dhee,subject is ours and it has our sensibilities.We had full grip & control on the subject through out.
Sreenu Vaitla ji has very good sense of humor & he did his best for that subject.
After that he became a Star Director.

Dhenikaina Ready subject is not ours.But we took it as a challenge,took care in many ways,tried to entertain with every scene.
Nageswar Reddy garu has good judgement & he has common man taste.He knows more interior audience pulse.He came from Krishna Reddy gari school & loves Comedy a lot.He also executed family scenes Very well.I personally liked his Seema Sastry & Seema Tapakai films.
He almost worked 1 year for this film after the success of Seematapakai.He is the main person who struggled day and night for this film success.I am sure he will reach great heights in near future.

Without Brahmanandam garu Dhee & Dhenikaina Ready films success would not be like this.He is the main Pillar for this film.
Every Technician & artiste worked hard for the success of this film.I Congratulate the Cast,team and crew of Dhenikaina Ready film.

I thank MohanBabu Garu,Vishnu Manchu for trusting & believing Nageswar Reddy garu,Me,KonaVenkat ji & B.V.S.Ravi for many things.

We are more happy to see the success glow in their faces.Many people comment so easily on other people struggle & hard times.But for commercial success lots of effort,struggle & calculations r needed.
I learned few good things from Mohan Babu garu.Never Give Up In Life.Never Feel Low In Life.Celebrate Life in Success & Failure.Whatever Happens,Never leave family bondage.
He is a great Father.
He can go to any extent for the sake of his family.
I wish him & his family more successful films.

Dhenikaina Ready is intended and Targeted to entertain audience with good family story & with good comedy.
We r happy that our purpose is served.
Thank you all for posting the wishes.
Good day.:)



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About How Dhookudu Film Started-part 2

About How Dhookudu Film Started-part 2

I personally like adventurous epic films like Mackenna’s Gold & Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Last Ark. And I am a big fan of a film, Romancing the Stone and I always wanted to see Mahesh Babu in such an adventurous film.

At that point of time in the same lines,Yugaaniki Okkadu had released. Sreenu Vaitla garu liked the movie & we were happy that the film got a good response. So for couple of days we discussed one or two lines in this pattern. Something was missing in our discussions and we were not happy with the way it was progressing. So, we dropped the idea of attempting an adventure film.

Then Sreenu garu suggested that we should think about period or historical themes, again. He wanted to surprise the audience with his making. Magadheera & Arundhati films were our inspiration to attempt such big budget themes at that point of time.

At that time I was in discussions with K.Raghavendra Rao garu for his new film titled Intinta Annamayya. One day J.K.Bharavi garu & K.Raghavendra Rao garu narrated a mythological subject Ravanabrahma. I was surprised and shocked when I heard the content of the subject and its histrionics. Bharavi garu is a very good story teller.
Immediately I referred his name to Sreenu vaitla garu. He sat with writer Bharavi garu who has very good knowledge on such themes. They both discussed about many mythological and historical themes.

Mahesh Babu was doing Khaleja and many changes were going on in the production side of the film. Pressure was building on everyone involved in Khaleja because of the delay due to various reasons. Mahesh Babu left the entire headache of finalizing the story on Vaitla ji and he got busy in Khaleja’s shooting. Mahesh Babu is a big fan of Sreenu Vaitla ji’s film ‘Anandam’. He also liked Sreenu Vaitla ji’s comic timing and humour. But neither he nor the producers pressurized Sreenu garu to do a film with his brand of comedy. Sreenu garu updated every phase of our discussions to Mahesh Babu. He supported, believed and trusted Sreenu Vaitla’s talent a lot. And he never said no or expressed any doubt on whatever Sreenu ji had narrated.

One day, Sreenu garu called me and said that we have to take a decision on finalizing the subject. He felt that it was not the right time for planning an epic film. Khaleja was getting delayed and everyone wanted our project to release atleast by summer of 2011. He spoke to many people, friends and distributors. Every one felt that Mahesh & Sreenu Vaitla combination was a fresh combination and many of them expected a hilarious entertainer.

By then, Namo Venkatesa had completed 75 days. Around this time Sreenu garu dropped the idea of doing an epic movie and he opted to work on a love story which we narrated him in the beginning of our discussions.

So, after few days of our initial discussions Sreenu Vaitla garu, Co Director Surya, writer Sreedhar Seepana, assistant directors Ramesh & Bobby Chowdhary and I planned a trip to Mahabhaleswar, near Pune where we stayed for a week or so.

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