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Francis Ford Coppola turns 76 today.Long live the legend.

Retrospective: The Films Of Francis Ford Coppola

Here’s The Playlist’s complete retrospective of his iconic work. 





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hi all,
sorry for not posting all these days…busy with my film work and personal house work.will try to take time from now on.will post my views on films and other things on cinema.

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Creating Characters from Plot

Creating Characters from Plot


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Of coarse Velu Nayakan doesn’t Dance

Of coarse Velu Nayakan doesn’t Dance

Of Course Velu Nayakan Doesn’t Dance


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Australian Films

List of Australian films to watch:(For Film Lovers)

Love and Other Catastrophes(1996)

Love Serenade(1996)

The Alive Tribe (1997)

Kiss or Kill (1997)

The Castle(1997)

Thank God He Met Lizzie(1997)

The Interview (1998)

The Big Night Out (1998)

Box (1998)

Love Stinks(1998)


Bootmen (2000)

Looking For Alibrandi(2000)

Mr. Accident(2000)

My Mother Frank(2000)

The Wog Boy(2000)

Big Shots (2001)

Let’s Get Skase(2001)

When Strangers Appear (2001)

Yolngu Boy (2001)

Blurred (2002)

Dirty Deeds (2002)

The Nugget(2002)

Swimming Upstream (2003)

Take Away(2003)

You Can’t Stop the Murders(2003)

Gettin’ Square (2003)

Bad Eggs (2003)

Love’s Brother (2004)

Under the Radar (2004)


Oyster Farmer (2004)

The Actress (2005)

Three Dollars(2005)

2:37 (2006)

Macbeth (2006)

Ravenswood (2006)

48 Shades (2006)

Kenny (2006)

Romulus, My Father(2007)

Death Defying Acts (2007)

Clubland (2007)

Dr Plonk(2007)

Hey, Hey, It’s Esther Blueburger(2007)


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