Great Screenwriters on their Craft:

21 Apr

Elmore Leonard on Writing: ‘If It Sounds Like Writing, I Rewrite It’

Elmore Leonard:Acclaimed film work:



Charlie Kaufman on Screenwriting at BFI 
Charlie Kaufman Masterclass:



Stephen King:

Writer Speaks:

Notable Work:


The Shining(1980),
The Green Mile(1999),
Stand By Me(1986).

King has stated that his favorite book-to-film adaptations are Stand by MeThe Shawshank Redemption, and The Mist.

His works/Film Adaptations:
1976 Carrie (based on the novel from 1974)
1980 The Shining (based on the novel from 1977)
1982 Creepshow (consists of five short films; two based on the short stories “Weeds” from 1976 and “The Crate” from 1979, the rest King wrote specifically for the film)
1983 Cujo (based on the novel from 1981)
1983 The Dead Zone (based on the novel from 1979)
1983 Christine (based on the novel from 1983)
1984 Children of the Corn (based on the short story from 1977)
1984 Firestarter (based on the novel from 1980)
1985 Cat’s Eye (consists of three short films; two based on the short stories “Quitters, Inc.” from 1978 and “The Ledge” from 1976, the other one was written specifically for the film)
1985 Silver Bullet (based on the novella Cycle of the Werewolf from 1983)
1986 Maximum Overdrive (based on the short story “Trucks” from 1973)
1986 Stand by Me (based on the novella The Body from 1982)
1987 Creepshow 2 (sequel to the 1982 film, consists of three short films; one based on the short story “The Raft” from 1982, the other two were written specifically for the film)
1987 A Return to Salem’s Lot (sequel to the 1979 mini-series)
1987 The Running Man (based on the novel from 1982)
1989 Pet Sematary (based on the novel from 1983)
1990 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie(consists of three short films; one based on the short story “The Cat from Hell” from 1977, the other two have no connection to King)
1990 Graveyard Shift (based on the short story from 1970)
1990 Misery (based on the novel from 1987)
1992 The Lawnmower Man (loosely based on the short story from 1976)
1992 Sleepwalkers (original screenplay)
1992 Pet Sematary Two (sequel to the 1989 film)
1993 Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (sequel to the 1984 film; only sequel to be released theatrically)
1993 The Dark Half (based on the novel from 1989)
1993 Needful Things (based on the novel from 1990)
1994 The Shawshank Redemption (based on the novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption from 1982)
1995 The Mangler (based on the short story from 1972)
1995 Dolores Claiborne (based on the novel from 1993)
1995 Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest(sequel to the 1993 film; first sequel to be released straight to video)
1996 Sometimes They Come Back… Again(sequel to the 1991 TV film)
1996 Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering(sequel to the 1995 film)
1996 Thinner (based on the novel from 1984)
1997 The Night Flier (based on the short story from 1988)
1998 Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror(sequel to the 1996 film)
1998 Apt Pupil (based on the novella from 1982)
1998 Sometimes They Come Back… for More (sequel to the 1996 film)
1999 The Rage: Carrie 2 (sequel to the 1976 film)
1999 Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return(sequel to the 1998 film)
1999 The Green Mile (based on the novel from 1996)
2001 Hearts in Atlantis (based on the novella Low Men In Yellow Coats from 1999)
2001 Children of the Corn: Revelation (sequel to the 1999 film)
2001 The Mangler 2 (sequel to the 1995 film)
2002 Firestarter 2: Rekindled (sequel to the 1984 film)
2003 Dreamcatcher (based on the novel from 2001)
2004 Secret Window (based on the novella Secret Window, Secret Garden from 1990)
2004 Riding the Bullet (based on the novella from 2000)
2005 The Mangler Reborn (sequel to the 2001 film)
2007 Creepshow III (unofficial sequel to the 1987 film; consists of five short films, none of which were written by King)
2007 1408 (based on the short story from 1999)
2007 The Mist (based on the novella from 1980)
2007 No Smoking (based on the short story Quitters Inc.)
2009 Dolan’s Cadillac (based on the short story from 1985)
2011 Children of the Corn: Genesis (sequel to the 2001 film)
2013 Carrie (third adaptation of the novel from 1974)
2014 A Good Marriage (based on the 2010 novella, Screenplay by Stephen King)
2014 Mercy (based on the short story “Gramma” from King’s 1985 collection Skeleton Crew)
2015 Cell (based on the 2006 novel, Screenplay by Stephen King, post-production)


Anthony Minghella-Media Masterclass-Directing Films
Acclaimed Work:
The English Patient(1996)
The Talented Mr Replay(1999)
Cold Mountain(2003)


The Writer Speaks:Billy Wilder
His acclaimed works:


The Writer Speaks:Robert Towne

Notable Films:

Writer speaks:Lorenzo Semple Jr
Lorenzo’s Popular works:
Papillon (with Dalton Trumbo) (1973),
King Kong (1976),
Hurricane (with Tracy Keenan Wynn and Walter Hill) (1977),
Flash Gordon (with Michael Allin) (1980)
Sheena (with David Newman) (1984),
Never Too Young to Die (with Gil Bettman) (1986)

The Writer Speaks:Paul Mazursky
Notable Films:
Blume in Love (1973), 

The Writer Speaks:James L Brooks

Anatomy of a Story:John Truby:Screenwriting Lessons

Hollywood Screenwriters on the Art of Dramatizing Real Life:
Writing for stage and screen:Hollywood script Readers reveals the tips of the trade
The Writer Speaks:Carl Reiner

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